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23 year old AQHA Gelding, with us since 1991.  AKA The Wonder Horse.  Stephen's well trained western performance horse, super honest, hard worker, great herd leader!  He was trained by Chris Bugenig and she did a super job with him.  His solid personality gave me my start on the Drill Team with The Painted Ladies (even though he wasn't a Paint, he blended in nicely and they needed a HARD worker - which we both were!).  Though he never, ever, ever liked the flags when we had to carry them, but he still did his best every time.

Nearly retired due to arthritis issues but still teaching new kids


28 year old Quarter/Arab Cross Gelding, mine since 1989.  Great trail horse, no work ethic, but a perfect best friend!  We've ridden hundreds of miles around Rocklin, Loomis, Penryn and Folsom Lake.  This horse taught me so much - when I thought I knew everything! - and I love him with all my heart.  It is such an honor to have such a loving, sweet horse in my life, and such a blessing to have had him for 20 years and hopefully many more!

Fully retired, pasture sound and so sweet!


13 year old APHA Gelding, with us since 2003   My equine soul-mate - Drill and Parade horse.  He was a scared boy when I got him, but after a year of all sorts of desensitization and training, he was a great drill horse (still had a few issues!).  I've ridden him in rodeos, horse shows and parades from Fortuna to LA and many places in between.  He taught me so many things, one of the biggest is that I can have fun with a horse who cannot be ridden and that the non-riding part of the relationship is so very valuable.

Fully retired due to severe navicular disease.  Pasture sound, and in charge of the herd, for the most part - but always with a nod of respect to the real boss, Mr. Moon.


20 year old Friesian Gelding, with us since Dec 2005.  Wonderful, sweet, incredibly lazy, Prix St Georges Level Dressage Horse.  Simon came to us from the incredible Knapp Friesians, he was trained to drive, and has performed in dressage competitions and entertainment shows all over the Western US and beyond.  His Prix St. Georges championships were in the Oregon Dressage Society and FHANA (Friesian Horse Assn of North America - I think).  He was retired due to a stifle injury and the Knapps wanted him to live out his retirement as a "pet" and what better place to do that than MoonRock Ranch?  We were able to rehab his injury and we have been enjoying learning how to ride dressage on a lazy horse (it's a lot of work that way!).  He can still piaffe and passage and he does flying lead changes easily, in that way he can be a blast to ride!

Still going strong, favorite mount of many barn kids.


13 year old Quarter Horse Gelding, Lauren's boy and dream-pony.  He's been with Lauren and MoonRock Ranch since October 2006.  Nicknamed The Adventure Pony, he's full of mischief and love for Lauren!  Picks on all the horses all the time - he's a Bully with a capital B!  He's pretty darn good to Lauren, he challenges her just about the right amount, and helps her learn so much.  He makes her laugh - which I know she loves a lot!


11 year old Quarter/Thoroughbred Cross Gelding, at MRR since Feb 2008.  Lost his best friend, our beloved Jessica, now we are blessed with his gregarious, friendly personality.  He LOVES the camera, loves to smile for pictures or for carrots.  He's all boy - gets bit and kicked and bumped and bruised and never seems to care enough to stay out of the way of future scuffles, and never seems to come out on top!  He loves to learn, but can get scared easily and when he does, watch out, he moves fast!  But if he's not scared, you'd better bring on the fun stuff, because he doesn't like to get bored!  He's a very smart horse with a very friendly attitude - and he's a great challenge.

Jessica's Page

The Dog


7 year old Doberman (Dober-girl), her registered name is Shasta, Princess of MoonRock Ranch.  She does not act like a princess, though, that's for sure!  She is an awesome dog, highly active, loves to play with the horses, with other dogs, with anything that moves fast or runs & plays.  She's good to the cats,  and to the goats, but you just better not be a skunk.  She will take you OUT!

The Cats  
























We brought 9 cats to MoonRock Ranch in 2000, and picked up another 2 since then, sadly we've had to say goodbye to many of them...

Fraidy Cat left us when she was about 19, a beautiful old soul

Boogie (aka Boogerchin) succumbed to severe anemia due to a mysterious bone marrow disease at about 13 years old.  Beautiful boy.

Bumpster Bear Sweet, sweet girl, got very ill from fatty liver disease (twice), but ultimately we lost her due to a mistake by a vet, she was 14.


Buster - the only young one we've ever lost, disappeared one night after little more than a year with us - he was ONE of a kind for sure and we miss not being able to watch him grow up.  Pretty sure someone took him home - he was friendly to a fault!

CK, our beloved Coyote Killer - the most amazing cat anyone could ever have, left this world for reasons we don't understand at 18+.  You were the best!



Punkinhead (aka Morris), another of the world's most amazing cats, lost his battle with Kidney disease at 17+ (see Punkin's Memorial Video here)

Itty Bitty Spitty Kitty came into this world hissing and spitting and everyone, she didn't change much in her 13 years, but we loved her just the same.  She had a couple of illnesses and eventually just hurt too much.


We still have all these precious ones in our lives:

Sasha - our matriarch.  Such a gentle soul, she has been with us for 20 years!  Still plays like a kitten every time I pull off a piece of baling twine!

Devil Kitty - Boogie and Bump were her siblings, thankfully this strange little girl got better genetics than her sis and bro...  She now waffles between being a full-time house cat and a full time barn cat with Shasha (there's better food out where Sasha lives!).


Charlie is about 13 and though he looks like a pretty boy, he is quite the outdoorsman.  When he's at home - only about once or twice a week in good weather - he loves getting brushed and petted, but mostly he lives like a wildcat!


Slinky, our newest addition is only 2 years old and he also thought he was a wild outdoor cat, then he broke his leg and had to be laid up for about 2 1/2 months.  Now he is 100% healed, loves his indoor life, and limits most of his outdoor antics to a couple hours in the morning.  He is an extremely good mouser and for that we are grateful!

The Goats






Li'l Belle & Li'l Beau. 

Our newest babies... 2 Nigerian Dwarf Goats,

There has never been any sweeter, friendlier, cuter or crazier goats!  We've had our hearts stolen by these little kids - they make us pull out our hair in frustration one minute, laugh the next minute and melt our hearts into a puddle the minute after that.  They climb rocks and trees (and people), dance, bounce and run like the wind, and do all sorts of things that amaze us and make us laugh!

Home Up Jessica Forsyth The Horses The Barn