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Life just blazes by, but we just carry our fire extinguishers and keep on goin'! 

Here's hoping that you are doing well, and as healthy and as happy as you choose to be. 

Business is good at La Provence, open now since Valentines Day 2004, this one-of-a-kind place has garnered a great deal of awards and honors, both for the amazing food and service, as well as the extraordinary setting and architecture.  Stephen and his team have done a great job at making it a real destination and we are thrilled.  It takes a great deal of hard work from a good number of people and we are so lucky that we have quite a few really great people who, everyday, help make it a success.

Our wonderful ranch is keeping us very busy.  Always working on pasture care, weed control, mowing, fence repairs, composting manure, and the list goes on.  We may have a bit of a long to-do list right now, but we're never bored, that's for sure.  We're always considering new projects, with house landscaping and an arena in the hopefully very near future, so look for some changes coming soon. 

The critters are all doing well.  We've lost some great ones over the past few years, our beloved CK, Punkin (aka Morris), Baby Buster, our Poor Bumpster Bear and Boogie.  We gave a new kitten in need a home - our little Slinky-Baby.  Moon, Rocki, Simon and Apache are doing well, though their respective ages and infirmities do take their toll.  Rocki and Apache are fully retired from any riding, but do enjoy regular attention from all the kids who still adore them.  Moon's activity is limited, but Simon is still going pretty strong and the barn kids love riding him.  Shasta is having a blast and never lets her torn tendon slow her down.  

Travel over the past couple of years has only included a couple of fantastic trips to Maui - our new favorite hot spot, where we go to R-E-L-A-X!  I read like a fiend, we enjoy the sun, the surf and the down time. 

Family is all doing very well.  Our big down note is having lost our family patriarch, the greatest grandpa a family ever had, Harry Gum, in April of 2008.  He is missed by all of us, so very much.  Mom & Phil are doing great doing their semi-retirement thing in Arizona, Reimah is working hard as ever, and the kids - both in college right now, Harison even starting a family of his own - are just wonderful.  Hard working, loving and fun-loving - what good kids.  Stephen's parents are doing well and trying to get here for a visit soon - as it's been too long!  He spent a great weekend last year with his brother Joe and family, enjoying Disneyland! 

Enough about us for now, be well and be happy,

Brandi & Stephen ** Moon, Rocki, Apache & Simon ** Shasta ** Devil, Sasha, Charlie Slinky ** Belle and Beau


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