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Horses have been a part of our lives since we met, and are what brought the two of us together.  When I met Stephen in 1989, I had only recently gotten my very first horse, an 8-yr old Arabian/Quarter horse Rocki, with the sweetest personality, who still graces me with his love and beauty every morning.  In 1992 I convinced Stephen he needed to meet a horse that I had discovered during riding lessons.  His name was Moon and he was an intelligent, muscular, registered Quarter Horse, about 4 years old.  Stephen liked him at first sight, but it took a couple of months to make the deal.  Soon Moon became part of the family, and the concept of MoonRock Ranch was born.  That concept would be to fulfill my lifelong dream of having horses, and having them live in my backyard.  Stephen's incredible creativity and diligence have brought us to where we are today: living with our horses and all of our critters as part of a beautiful community.




Stephen has been working since 1992 on a development called Diamond Creek.  It began as a 360-acre Light Industrial parcel in North Roseville.  Today, thanks to his hard work and incredible vision, it is a high-quality, beautiful development, consisting of residential and commercial parcels.  It hosts some of the most beautiful amenities in the area, including a grand entry road culminating at a thoughtful roundabout, and two of the most extraordinary, gorgeous  bridges.  The property also consists of more than 50 acres of parks and open space, more than any other Roseville development at the time.  An incredibly lovely creek flows year-round through the middle of this parcel, and our property sits just on the North side of the creek.  Currently Stephen is developing the commercial property, he finished construction on his office building in 2002 and on the La Provence/Capital Cellars building in 2003.  La Provence is a wonderful French-inspired restaurant owned by Stephen and his Manager/Chef partners.  He currently plans on building the remaining commercial buildings.


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