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Jessica Forsyth
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The Barn


Our First Barn completed Fall 2002

3 stalls, front sliding doors, back dutch doors, automatic waterers, fly misting system, 12x16 feed room, 12x16 tack room with a real bathroom!  A grooming area and a 12x24 storage area (now being used as 2 more stalls - big surprise!).  The whole thing lights up like daylight!  PLUS rubber brick flooring that feels like heaven!


Facility Management: 

We feed only grass hays (Timothy or Teff Grass), and only enough of a complete pelleted feed to mix in any necessary supplements. 

Our horses are turned out on grazing pastures 14+/- hours per day and most are stalled at night.  We clean stalls every day, and pastures twice weekly.  All of our manure and bedding is composted and spread back on the pastures to renew the nutrients and minimize the use of chemical fertilizers. 

To control flies we employ the top four methods of the industry's best-practices.  First is our manure management above, and beyond that we use a natural pyrethrin insecticide in an automatic overhead stall spray system; we spread biological fly-parasites which feed on maturing fly larvae, every 3 weeks; and we use a feed-through fly control that prevents fly larvae from maturing into flies. 

Our pastures are irrigated with Reclaimed Water, just as are the city parks and local golf courses, not using the City's valuable drinking water supply.   


We have a bridlepath that encircles the entire property, and separate pastures so all horses can be turned out for grazing.  We have a 60-foot roundpen for ground work and limited riding.  We don't have a completion date for the arena, but at this time we have plans to install a sand-footing riding arena, and to make significant improvements to one seasonal pasture to have a very large turf based riding area.  A trial obstacle/play area is also planned.


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