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The MoonRock Ranch Private Equestrian Facility is planned for completion in the near future.  Facilities may include: indoor and outdoor lighted arenas; a private bridle path; boarding stable, pasture shelters and more.  Our mission is to share our deep love of horses with our community and promote education towards a safe and natural partnership with horses. 

The Facility:  There is no definitive date scheduled for completion of the remaining facilities. 

Riding: Currently, riding opportunities are available to those interested in trading work time for riding time.  We have a limited number of positions, which are currently full, geared toward children over 10 years of age, to do horse-related chores in exchange for supervised riding of our horses.  We maintain a waiting list for interested parties.  To be added to the waiting list, please send an e-mail by clicking on the e-mail link below.  BE SURE to include the child's full name, parents name, address, telephone numbers and e-mail address.  Also include any of the child's horse experiences and words from them about why they are interested in our program and in horses.

Boarding: Once the stable is complete, there will be limited space available for boarding your own horse.  Amenities in the boarding barn are expected to include enclosed stalls with attached paddocks, pasture turnout, wash rack, tack lockers, restroom facilities and more.

Training: Again, once the facilities are complete, arrangements may be made for your trainer to provide instruction at our facility.  Events such as private or group riding lessons, training clinics, seminars, therapeutic riding, etc., may be held here.

E-mail the Ranch at ranch@moonrockranch.com


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